<Technology Domain>

2) Wireless LAN
3) Software Development
  (Firmware & Driver)
4) ASSP (LSI) Design

Business Model:

 d-broad is focusing on Network/Communication & Interface solution business,
 and one of leading company of SD/SDIO Technology.

 <SD/SDIO Technology Development>・・・・Main Business

d-broad owns various unique SDIO WiFi cards and SD/SDIO Host & Device LSI
 products and providing with software support for customer platforms.

<Netowork/Communication Software Development Services>
Based upon customer needs in the Network/Communication field,
d-broad can provide the software development service such as Device Driver, GUI application, Security adoption development into proprietary system platform.
-SD/SDIO device drivers
-Wireless LAN Drivers and other necessary protocol stacks
<Network/Communicaion Module Solution Services>
Furthermore, d-broad can propose/provide the various Network solution to customer system, corporating with our strong partners (such as Manfacturing, communication device vendor etc.)

- Various Host-IF WLAN module (minPCI, PCIex, USB, SPI, UART etc.)
- Wireless HDMI Tx/Rx module
- HD-PLC solution etc.